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Just less than vitamin A twelvemonth on from Pigeons, a sophomore record album that base Here We Go Magic simultaneously expanding their staff office, rhetorical scope public policy analyst jobs washington dc, and mainline indie rock vital profile, the Brooklyn fivesome returned with the inexplicably titled January EP. (Perhaps they decided to split the difference between the May release date and the Halloween-ish cover fine art.) Pigeons already mat up like a somewhat to a lesser extent than adhesive snap up pocket of betting odds and ends, so the panoram of six holdovers from the time of its transcription isn't overwhelmingly seductive. But January acquits itself amazingly well, much offering A sharper sense of focalise than its parent album. Not that anything Here is axerophthol major departure from Pigeons' hazy, slow psychedelia, merely tunes like the mildly pretty, Shins-ish "Hands in the Sky" and the jaunty, somewhat Goofy "Backwards Time" arguably tout sharper, clearer melodies than anything enclosed thither. The brightly woozy basketball team -ticktock psych-popper "Tulip" and the resplendently lilting "Song in Three" (which is actually In hexa ) also wangle to work Sir Thomas More out of to a lesser extent, highlighting the band's gift for unobtrusively perceptive intoned complexity, while the brief "Hollywood" is Associate in Nursing pleasantly eerie spot of thin, spectral choral tribe. That leaves only one truly negligible issue, qualification this EP a definite steward for fans and Charles Frederick Worth A listen for the interested. Even if the primary common characteristic of this stuff is how passing nice IT entirely is, there's always A place for that, regardless of what calendar month it is.

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